Playlist #3

Take a Walk - Passion Pit
1 2 3 4 - Feist
Ooh La - The Kooks
Born at the Right Time - Dappled Cities
Sorry - Gypsy & The Cat
Heart of a Lion - The Griswolds
Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
Young Blood - The Naked and the Famous

My latest mix to welcome the arrival of September and the start of a brand new week. Let me know if you like any and I'm always looking for music recommendations.

Watching Moonrise Kingdom(good movie, the kids are adorable) was the only productive thing I did over the weekend and I managed to pass off as a uni student. The conversation with the lady at the ticket counter was as follows:

Bro: Two tickets to Moonrise please (He offered to pay for my ticket, so I was partially spacing out next to him)
Counter: Concession?
Bro: Yes (He is indeed a uni student)
Counter: Student ID?
Bro: *Hands over his ID card*
Me: *Finally realised what's happening and frantically giving bro 'what do you want me to do' looks but he refuses to acknowledge me.*
Counter: *Returns ID card and looks at me*
Me: *About to come clean* Sorry, I ...
Counter: It's okay. *Prints out tickets*

My brother is one of the most intelligent individuals I know, so I'm not sure if that really was accidental as he claimed or in fact a ploy of his.


Xixia said...

Hahah, nice. Your bro's smart! My friends and I do that too, whenever one of us forgets our college ID. ^^
And I really like the mix! Little Talks is one of my favorite songs of the season. :3

♥ xixia |

Jo N said...

Yeh, I suspect he did it on purpose. Glad you like it. I'm a big fan of Monsters and Men.

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