Here are some pictures from Instagram to give you a peek on what I've been up to recently. I caught up with both groups of friends from uni and highschool. Both lovely outings and it was really nice to find out what everyone has been up to. Also ate out lots, particularly Japanese and Mexican - I go through phases of obsessing over certain types of cuisines. There was one time when I had an unhealthy obsession over fish and chips for a month.

Last weekend, I met up with colleagues for afternoon tea in one of the most sophisticated places I've been to. A fancy place that made me feel under dressed in my summer-y dress. On Sunday, I went to watch Addams Family at Capitol Theatre. I have been dying to see it as the animated series is one of my childhood favourites. I adore Uncle Fester. Who is your favourite?

Okay. Now onto a big announcement. I will be setting out on what will undoubtedly be an exciting chapter in life. Something that has kept me pretty busy this past month or so. Insert *drum rolls* ........ I'm moving to Canberra, which some of you may not know is the Capital of Australia, for a new job.

Although I'm looking forward to embarking on new adventures in a city I've never lived before, I'm feeling sad and lonely as I will be leaving family and friends behind. The good thing is I will only be a 3-hours drive/coach ride away from Sydney, so I foresee impromptu weekend trips back home.

Wish me luck!

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