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Have been inundated with work this week and needed a break away from electronics especially the laptop. I was very much surprised to find my "Bossypants" (Tina Fey) book along with other thought-to-be missing items (e.g. money and pictures) under my bed while I was doing a bit of bedroom tidying. Thus finally managed to finish the last few chapters of the book.

Was chatting with a friend the other day and realised that I haven't been to the movies since The Dark Knight. To remedy this, she decided to send me clips of the following movies as recommendations.

Beast of the Southern Wild - Soon to be released in Australian cinemas on Sept 13. Excited. Especially with all the good buzz surrounding it. Somehow it reminds me of Pan's Labriynth. Well...the Disney version of it.

The short clips of Moonrise Kingdom are hilarious. I have a pretty good feeling about this film. Wes Anderson's films have been a hit and miss for me. I adored Darjeeling Limited but didn't like Fantastic Mr Fox. But I do think his films are beautifully crafted and the soundtrack amazing. Particularly looking forward to this film because of Bill Murray. Anything with him in it, however short, is bound to be memorable. Zombieland, anyone? The BEST cameo ever.

Has anyone seen either or both of these movies? If so, did you like them?


Elle Sees said...

loved moonrise kingdom!!

Shoko said...

Been DYING to see Moonrise Kingdom. I've only heard great things!

Bonnie said...

"Zombieland" was so good. I love Bill Murray!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Jo N said...

Really? I will definitely try to watch it this weekend.

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