Newtown is where I go when I'm bored

Busy King Street that cuts through Newtown.
Love this dish - Chicken Masala Dosai. So good.
Cardigan-Giordano; Collared shirt - Random store at Broadway; Pinafore shorts - Sportsgirl; Stockings - Topshop ; Shoes - Thrifted; Tote bag - The Beatles Story, Liverpool
I really like this pair of Topshop stockings, bought in London. Ecstatic that Topshop will open in Sydney early next month!

Newtown is one of Sydney's most vibrant and eccentric suburbs. Situated in the Inner West (the best area of Sydney - I might be bias as I live in the Inner West), it is a mere 15mins walking distance to Central. Filled with eateries - most offering cheap lunch specials to cater for the poor students at nearby University of Sydney, quirky little shops, tattoo parlours, secondhand bookstores and clothing shops. It is, without a doubt, one of my favourite suburbs.

I go there when I can't make up my mind on what to eat (Italian, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek ... the list goes on). I head there to catchup with friends over coffee. Friends' parties are usually held there too. It is basically where I hang out. You will never get bored nor will you get hungry which makes it perfect for me.

So when dad wanted to try Indian cuisine for Father's day (see this post for explanation), where else to go but Newtown? And it turned out to be a splendid choice. Very yummy food, albeit spicy. I've never had it before but Chicken Masala Dosai is now on my list of fave food.

PS: Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm feeling much better now.


Anita said...

Newtown looks amazing! I haven't been there in such a long time.

trishie said...

Oh I haven't been to Newtown for ages! I used to be there every weekend when I lived in nearly Enmore. Miss that place, the great cafes/shops and the vibe.

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

I really need to get down to Sydney one of these days. The last time I was only a kid so no real opportunities to explore haha.

Jo N said...

@Anita - it is special :)

@trishie - Come back for a visit. Enmore is becoming quite a lovely place too. Lots of new shops.

@soph - That's too long ago! You should def come down here. I should visit Brisbane too - I've only been to other parts of Queensland.

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