Snapshots via Instagram / Phone

1. Hotel balcony view -Penang, Malaysia 2. Beloved Sydney -Circular Quay train station 3. First time skiing -Perisher 4. Impromptu roadtrip with bestie 5. Amsterdam accommodation - big stylish to the Sex Museum :p 6. Local 24hour laundromat, took us awhile to figure out the french instructions to operate them -Paris 7. Wildflowers, near home 8. Albertina,Vienna 9. Favourite macaroons 10. Art Exhibition, Cockatoo Island 11. Farmland near Moesgaard Museum, Denmark 12. 1hour queue and the 6287984++ steep stairs climb up made me miserable but thankfully the view made up for it -Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

I was in the midst of cleaning up my laptop disk space when I found pictures from my old iPhone (the one I brought with to most of my trips). All 500+ of them. Goofy silly ones. Random poses. Most importantly - my precious memories.

I've also added a few new ones (from my instagram) and have plans to make my phone snapshots into a series, possibly one post a fortnight?


laura said...

hi jo, thanks for stopping by at my blog :) i haven't got far yet on the night circus, i'm only up to 1/3 of the book because i'm just a slow reader, but so far i've been really really enjoying it! have a lovely weekend!

Jo N said...

Same here! But do let me know how it is when you finish reading :)
Weekends are lovely but as always too short. I hope you have a great wk ahead.

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