Travel recaps: Smukke Denmark

1. The Little Mermaid statue, the iconic symbol of Denmark 2. Aarhus University dorm buildings 3.Guard march at Amalienborg Palace 4.Media presence due to christening of Princess Mary's twins (I was there!)    5.Attended a Danish Concert 6.Legoland, Billund 7.Streets of Copenhagen 8.Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Had a slow day at work today, so I had the time to reminisce ... mainly on previous travels and dreaming about future trips. Yes, I think about traveling all the time. Every waking minute. My great love. The love of my life. Ok ... will stop now, it's becoming borderline creepy. 

Dug up a few pictures of my Denmark trip 16months ago. If there's only one word to choose to describe Denmark, I would say - Serene. The people over there seemed calm and happy all the time. Mothers leave their prams outside of shops ... with their babies in it! They are just that cool.

Originally Denmark wasn't on my list, Egypt was.  However the rioting was still ongoing, the unrest didn't seem like it was going to die down and the parents were worried. So I relented and swapped countries. Denmark was the obvious choice as sis was over there studying at the time.

Spent approx. 10 peaceful days there in Aarhus, which is the second largest city in Denmark with 300,000+ inhabitants. Did laundry, grocery shopping, had bonding sessions with sis, shopped (3 H&M stores in the tiny CBD - I went bonkers.) and hung out in the kitchen common room with sis's dorm mates watching bad American reality TV shows such as Jersey Shore. Found out that the Danes are big fans of American pop culture and speak a mix of Americanised and Danish-accented English. Most importantly, they possessed similar sarcastic and forthright style of Australian humor. So jokes were understood around the table.

Soon, I found myself boarding the first of many flights (because Australia just had to be far away from the rest of the world) back home.

Thank you Denmark for being the perfect end to my very enriching and fun sojourn around the world.


Shoko said...

Looks like a gorgeous place! I'm definitely feeling a little wander-lusty at the moment :)

Jo N said...

It is extremely pretty. I always feel the wanderlust. Good for daydreaming.

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