Yoshimoto Nara

 Images from here, here, here, here & here

I was helping a friend track down the name of an artist whose works we saw during an outing to the art gallery and whilst 'searching', I came across the art works of Yoshitomo Nara, an artist who has gained a cult following in Japan.

There's nothing cluttered nor convoluted about his works. Simple images of little kids, toddlers or animals with huge heads that seemingly returns their gaze at you, much like a mirror. But an air of discomfort and apprehension has been infused onto the simple childlike images to portray a loss of innocence in contemporary society. Quite an eerie effect.

To see more of his works, click the links above or head to an art gallery nearby as his works are being displayed worldwide, including MOMA (I'm not sure if his works are still there. New Yorkers, you might have to double-check).


Stephanie Lin said...

I love his characters! Especially how odd and mischievous they look!

Elle Sees said...

Thanks for sharing this artist with us

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