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I have to confess. I am afraid of taxis/cabs. I hardly catch a cab here in Sydney and refuse to get into one if I'm the sole occupant. If I'm with someone, it's ok but not if I'm alone. Weird isn't it? My friends and colleagues think so. They make me flag one down whenever I'm with them. For training, they say. I'm not too sure why I feel this way. Maybe it's because the thought of getting into a stranger's car and driving into the unknown scares me. I can't really describe it.

But due to work, meetings, leisure and business travels, I have become somewhat accepting of taxis - though still hesitant to flag a taxi alone and during travels would rather catch the public transport to the city centre from the airport if the option is available (e.g. hongkong, tokyo).

Maybe I just need more 'training'? Do you have something you are afraid of? Something that makes you feel like the odd one out?

Anyways have a great weekend! I'm off to Newtown festival this coming Sunday which should be a fun-filled day.


Stephanie Lin said...

I love all of these unique taxis! I don't like to take taxis alone either, but more because I'm a bit paranoid of my safety, haha.

helen said...

i tend to be pretty cautious when it comes to taxis, too. i really like the second to last taxi old-fashioned and lovely! happy weekend :)

Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

It's always fun to see how the taxi style changes per country. I remember my naive disbelief when I first saw Mercedes Benz taxis in Germany. I like vintage taxi cabs very much (but not the ones with rusted doors bound to fly away anytime when the taxi speeds.) :) On a more serious note, yes I tend to be more vigilant when riding the taxi. The drivers here tend to be friendly, sometimes too friendly, a taxi ride is like a job interview.

Adeline Yang said...

love the picturesss, even from the previous posts!
i never use taxis as well when i'm in london. i think they're a waste of money. and it's healthier to walk, or use the bus and tubes.
but i think it's very cute when people hail cabs in nyc because of the yellow cabs trademark, dunno why. lol.

Maxine W said...

I'm the same way about taxis, though perhaps not for the same reasons. I've heard enough horror stories about riding solo as a female in taxis to prevent me from wanting to hail one down alone anywhere, even in my hometown. One of my friends in Taipei always rode taxis so I would ride with her and she'd make me hail them for "practice" as well, though I don't foresee myself ever really riding in taxis if I had the option, so I too don't see the point in "practicing" (nor is it difficult to hail one in NYC!).

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