It has been a busy week for me, hence my sporadic blogging. Here is a summary of what I'm currently up to.

Listening to:  Feist's Metals album

Watching: Game of Thrones. It's so good. I'm hooked. Peter Dinklage is amazing as Tyrion. Now to patiently wait for Season 3.

Obsessing over: Origami. Met up with a friend and reminisced about how we used to hang out at Starbucks after school to fold paper cranes. Good times.
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Planning: my upcoming holiday! Slowly filling up travel journal with information. Also on the final stages of organising accommodation etc.

Dreaming: of owning this Alexander Wang small golf bag.

Image from here
Busy: with work. Meetings and projects. Need to finalise/handover some things to my interns before I fly off. Adding more stress to my already hectic week.

Thinking of: enrolling in a Spanish Beginners class. Hola! Buenos dias.

Looking: at this and it's making my mouth water. Make your own burgers. Will try this when I next have friends over.
 Image from Wit & Delight

I'm already in my pre-holiday mood which is annoying people around me. Especially because of my extreme chirpiness.

For the next 2-3years, my travel plans will focus on Asia. Mainly because it's closer - with my limited days off from work and Australia is, somewhat, part of the Asia Pacific region as well as being friendlier to my bank account. Plus the poor thing has been feeling rather neglected due me gallivanting around Europe and bits of the Americas the past few years.

Therefore I will be heading to Hong Kong and Taiwan for two weeks! It's my first visit to both places. I foresee myself getting lost and conversations being lost in translation but I'm excited. First visits always excites me.

If you have any suggestions/recommendations on food, things to do and see, what not to do etc. Anything at all on these two destinations, please let me know. If you are feeling shy, send me an email instead. I would really like to hear your suggestions.  


Anonymous said...

Hong Kong is great. I've not been to Taiwan yet, but it's on my list. Macao is supposed to be beautiful as well and only a two hour ferry ride away from HK. so give it a go!


Ooh, there's always Singapore lol! I know what you mean about being in a pre-holiday mood; I think it's a great mood to be in *all* the time! Never mind the grouches :)

rooth said...

Those seem like really cool travel plans. I'd love to go to HK and explore the rest of China but I'm deathly afraid of doing it on my own

Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

Tyrion Lannister is my favorite character in Games of Thrones. :) Have a wonderful trip! Never been to HK nor Taiwan, maybe one day.

helen said...

have fun in taiwan and hong kong! sounds like a blast. i've never been to either place, so i'm looking forward to hearing how it goes :)

Deidre said...

yay! Another Aussie Blogger (well, I blog from Australia, but am not Australian) - I haven't been to either. Do you read Oneika the travellers blog? She used to live in hong kong I believe!

trishie said...

I used to fold cranes when I was young too. Have a wonderful time in HK and Taiwan!

Elle Sees said...

i just started GOT!! I'm on disc 2 of season 1!

Jo N said...

@petra - ooo, macao? Ok thanks I will check that out.
@deidre - *high-five* which part of australia? oneika? I shall pop over to have a look.
@all - thanks everyone! I'm sure I will have fun (positive-thinking) :)

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